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10 – Mar – 2022

Wise: A Thousand Acres is for Investing, Not Fighting

Jane Smiley, a former English professor at Iowa State University, wrote a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel about an Iowa farm family in the 1970s feuding over control of 1,000 acres. The Shakespearean drama that unfolded in the fictitious A Thousand Acres could be expected given the rapid increase in farmland values at the time. U.S. farmland […]
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FPI Insights
04 – Mar – 2022

Farm Level Decisions Made by Farmers Benefit All

Our CEO recently addressed two groups of farm leaders at the Colorado Agriculture Forum and the National Council of Farmer Cooperatives. The farmers in the audience were quite curious about farmland investing – especially as people turn to farmland as a hedge against inflationary pressures – and how it might affect their livelihoods. Put more […]
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FPI Insights
16 – Feb – 2022

Sharpe-ning Our Pencil on Risk

Investors sometimes use what’s known as a Sharpe ratio to compare an investment’s returns to its risk. Named for the Nobel Prize-winning economist who created it – William F. Sharpe – it’s essentially a reward-to-risk calculation where the biggest ratios are prized because they signal higher risk-adjusted returns. The figure can be particularly helpful in […]
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In the News
27 – Jan – 2022

Pittman: Farmland – a Smart, Sustainable Investment

When a United Airlines plane carrying 100 people from Chicago landed in the nation’s capital in December, it became the world’s first commercial flight to operate an engine entirely with sustainable aviation fuel, or SAF. For production agriculture, which continues to be dominated by family-owned enterprises, this feat reflects much more than a fun fact […]
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