Luca Fabbri


About Luca

Luca has been active in the agricultural industry in various capacities – on both the operating and investment sides – for almost two decades. A co-founder of Farmland Partners, he became the company’s President in October 2021 after serving as CFO since Farmland Partners’ inception. Before focusing on agriculture full-time, Luca worked in the technology sector, where he was co-founder of Co3 Systems, an enterprise software company that is now part of IBM.

He also served as a technology and finance consultant with Elk Creek Ventures, headed corporate development for Jazz Technologies (a semiconductor manufacturer), and was co-founder and CFO of HomeSphere, a software company serving the homebuilding industry. In addition, Luca worked in investment banking and was based in Merrill Lynch’s London office. He has a B.S. with Honors in Economics from the University of Naples (Italy) and an M.B.A. in Finance from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.