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Not all farmland is created equal.

We are selective about purchases. Farmland must pass strict specifications before it earns a spot in our portfolio. That’s good for business, good for agriculture, and good for the planet.

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Selecting farmland is as much science as art.

Our team’s deep understanding of agriculture and the factors affecting the value of farmland allow us to identify properties consistent with our uncompromising investment criteria.


Soil Quality

Every farm we consider must have a better than average soil quality index. This ensures production efficiencies and reduces risk of any remediation.


Water Availability

We seek to acquire farmland where water availability through precipitation and irrigation meets the agrinomic needs of crops in the region.


Market Access

Due to higher costs of transportation, the location of the farmland to grain elevators, feedlots, and ethanol plants is vital to the success of our portfolio.



We believe that diversification within and across core farming regions and crop types provides significant risk mitigation to our investors.

A robust and competitive tenant environment is paramount.

We own land where farmers want to farm. That allows us to choose tenants who promote efficiency, prioritize land productivity, and protect our assets.

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As of 03/31/2024

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