You can’t spell 'FARMERS' without 'E' and 'S'.

Farmland and the farmers who cultivate it create a more sustainable future for all by affordably feeding the world’s growing population while minimizing environmental impact.

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Environment, Social, and Governance.

We place a high priority on ESG, with a commitment formulated by our Board of Directors and senior management team. We plan to expand the ESG principles already embedded in our culture, policies, and practices by implementing a strategy to measure, improve, and communicate our performance.

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Farmers: the original environmentalists.

It’s not surprising that farmers prioritize environmental stewardship. The land is where they work and live. A survey of our tenants found…


invest in improving soil health


of row crop tenants practice conservation tillage techniques


use variable rate application technology


participate in federal conservation programs

Energizing a brighter future.

Renewable energy generation is a growing component of our profile. At the end of 2022, 20 of our farms, which span a total of more than 13,000 acres, were leased for renewable energy production or had projects under construction. Our acres currently support…


6 solar energy projects

with the capacity to generate approximately 214 megawatts


3 wind energy projects

with the capacity to generate approximately 47 megawatts